Founded in early 2013 in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, we strived for six years to provide young people with development opportunities for their future life in a world, which is becoming more and more competitive, international and complex. 

In the past we have concentrated our efforts on:

Advocating towards EU politicians and staff the need to enlarge the scope of international student exchange programmes, such as Study Abroad, Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+
Arranging trainings for the students and professionals on the functioning of the EU institutions, involving former and current EU officials 
Organising networking events in order to facilitate partnership and cooperation among South Caucasus students and young professionals from other countries
Setting up formal and informal links between young Azerbaijanis studying in the EU countries and Brussels based youth organisations, with an aim of facilitating their further socialisation with their European peers

Since 2019 Summer have expanded our activities to the rest of the Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries and offer similar opportunities to young professionals from other countries as well.