Lettre ouverte aux journalistes couvrant le conflit entre l'Arménie et l'Azerbaïdjan

8 October 2020

Chers amis journalistes, Il est plus que jamais nécessaire de sensibiliser l'audience au conflit entre l'Azerba&...


AYAPE Statement on recent military escalation in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

28 September 2020

Association of Young Azerbaijani Professionals in Europe calls on the international community to condemn Armenia’s actions ...


AYAPE Initiative: Ankara - Tbilissi - Baku nexus discussed in Brussels

9 March 2020

AYAPE and LINKS Europe under the distinguished patronage of Andris Ameriks MEP (Group of Socialists and Democrats) and Ilhan Kyuchyuk ...


AYAPE organised "EU Winter School" on 02-07 December 2019

17 January 2020

Young leaders came together in Brussels within the framework of the latest "EU Winter School" organised by ...


Opportunity for youth of the South Caucasus to understand Europe and its institutions

4 February 2019

A programme to help young people in Azerbaijan understand Europe and its institutions was presented at an event at the ...


Youth of the South Caucasus mark 100th anniversary of modern South Caucasus States in Tbilisi

28 May 2018

Participants hailed the importance and symbolism of the first republics and how they inspired the regaining of independence in 1991. Young ...